In the Naked Forex Inner Circle we will cover Trading Psychology quite extensively:

  • the 25 Mind Hacks for Traders book is all about Trading Psychology
  • the 8 Super Trader Activators book covers the different areas of our life (mostly regarding subconscious and conscious thoughts) that affect our trading
  • the Mindset Monday audio file every Monday covers Trading Psychology

Many of the newsletters will cover Trading Psychology issues, challenges, tactics and discoveries. I try to read a Psychology/Self-help book each week and will share this with our members in the newsletter.

Also, some of the Profit Hacks will cover Psychology each month, so these methods will generally be either mindset-related or risk management related each month.

We didn't talk about this but the Inner Circle members also get a free course every month, so you may be interested in cashing in on 

Subconscious Profits ($1998) - [5 weeks, 32 videos] how to determine your big subconscious issue and create a plan to overcome this challenge


Next Level Trading ($1997) - [6 weeks, 38 videos] how to determine where you are on the Trader's Journey and what you need to do to advance to the next stage (includes some Psychology, but mostly about trading systems, exits, entries, managing risk)

Fingerprint Trading ($1997) - [5 weeks, 26 videos] - how to create your ideal trading life, based on what you want to get out of trading, designed to help you focus on what will allow you to get what you want out of trading

The Inner Circle is a monthly subscription with free forum membership**, and the big Welcome Pack (and all subsequent "Profit Hacks" and Naked Forex Inner Circle monthly newsletters will come from Georgia, in the USA), the bonus courses that members can choose each month are online.

**Valid until member chooses to terminate subscription to NFIC

***NFIC is only available to limited people. We send out promotions for this one, so watch out once we open registrations for this course!